Clarity and Goal Sessions with Director, Sally Harding.

I like to see what I can do for women, as the stepping stone between needing on going support from a full time business coach, and not knowing what’s next! Lets change that!


  • Needing clarity with your direction?
  • Cant seem to figure out what’s next for your business?
  • How do I network, and collaborate?
  • Need some tips with social media?


Sally is here to help you find passion, direction, motivation and you’re NEXT STEPS.

Working with you to define what success means for YOU, your family and your business, and helping you achieve your goals in lifestyle and business.

We will discuss everything from goal setting, visions for the future, short term and long term goals and planning, social media (including my suggestions) and overcoming any blocks/barriers in your way.

Let me use my resources and contacts to help you go next level.

60 or 90 Minutes 1:1 with Sally.

Choice of : Face to Face / Zoom.

Discounted follow up sessions.