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Girl Fit Method
Address: Noarlunga Adelaide South Australia
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Short Business Description: Women’s Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Pre and Post Natal Trainer
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Pre + Post Natal, Strength and Conditioning Women’s Personal Trainer

I feel passionate about getting women stronger, looking better and living healthier lives

I offer:

1 on 1 Personal Training
Personalised Weekly Online Coaching
6 Week Online Challenges

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Business Phone Number: 0408481847
Never diet again!
Address: Magill
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Short Business Description: My name is Amelia and I am passionate about women living their best life!
We set achievable goals together as health coaching works best when it is a collaborative program!
We discuss your current lifestyle and tailor a unique health prescription to achieve your goals.

Achieve the body you have always dreamed of – strong, healthy and energetic.
You will approach every workout with excitement as you are one step closer to achieve the best ever results for your body. Feel amazing with an exciting and varied nutrition plan that provides variety and is bursting with vitamins and minerals. You will receive a meal plan to maximise your nutrient intake and suit your goals.

All packages include:

Meal plan with delicious recipes bursting with vitamins and minerals, plus a supplement plan to give you energy and vitality.
Exercise plan plan including cardio and weights programs. You will approach every workout with a purpose and when you finish each session, will be a step closer to achieving your dream body.
Weekly updates and contact via email.
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It’s crazy to think I’ve been working in fitness for 20 years. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of women sculpt their dream body and develop a positive mindset to love themselves. Each of my clients is super busy, but I show them that you can turn a crazy pace into a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable.

My passion is helping women achieve their fitness goals, and I’ve been featured in fitness magazines, commercials and love to create workouts on my YouTube Channel, Amelia Ricci Fitness.

I was Fitness Expert for Oxygen Magazine Australia for 10 years. The research side of fitness excites me because I have a Master of Business Degree, majoring in Market Research.

Before I had children I worked as Marketing Director for large organisations. Now I’m a mum of two young children (baby girl 10 months and 4 year old boy). I run my online coaching business, compete in bikini contests, love my close friends and family and time with my husband of 12 years.

I constantly strive to maintain balance and this is the foundation of my business, Living Beauty Fitness. My mission is to share my journey, my mistakes and educate women that you don’t have to find the ‘right time’ for fitness and wellbeing. Most of my clients are so surprised that it was easier than they thought, they love healthy recipes and got excited about working out again.

I love weight training but also believe that Pilates and Yoga are a game changer when it comes to core stability and recovery. I have written five books including a 30-day transformation program and FIT Pregnancy program on

This year I am expanding my business to include business coaching, motivational speaking and I always aim to combine fun and fitness so that it’s attainable for everyone. Fitness is something I see as part of my life forever and I love meeting others and sharing my passion.

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Sculpted By Sally
Address: Aberfoyle Park
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Short Business Description: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Coach, Pilates Matwork Instructor
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Pre + Post Natal, and General Women’s Personal Trainer.
I offer 1 on 1 PT from my private studio in Adelaide’s South.

I have been working with women, mums + bubs for over 7 years, with many pre/post natal qualifications under my belt.

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Business Phone Number: 0439 272 252
The Vitality Project
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Short Business Description: Offering Personal Training, fitness classes and online coaching to help you live a healthier, happier life full of vitality.
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I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 12 years. Working both in women’s only environment and in a mixed setting I have had an opportunity to develop a range of skills to help my clients reach their goals and be their healthiest, strongest and happiest.

My qualifications are too many to list however, include women’s health and pelvic floor, boxing, Hiit and freestyle group training, Accreditadted Certificate in Nutrition and Level 1 Wellness Coaching. I take a functional approach to training my clients to ensure that they are fit for life. I tailor all programs to my clients’ specific needs to ensure they are constantly reaching their goals and beyond.

I work with all fitness levels and all age groups. I have had a lot of experience with rehab and I currently working alongside Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapists.

I offer one on one sessions in a state of the art facility in the western suburbs. I also conduct small group sessions for members.

I work with clients online to achieve their specific goals around making and sticking to healthy and impactful lifestyle changes, a healthy mindset will help fast track your results.

Fitness has always been apart of my life, even long before becoming a PT. I love inspiring others to lead a healthy life and look forward to growing my business to help more and more people live their best life.

Business Website Address: The Vitality Project
Business Phone Number: 0419 805 886