Rachel is a SA Mums in Business Member, a mama to FOUR girls, and a absolute boss lady in business.

Rachel is the lady behind Hopscotch Branding Studio!

She works as a brand stylist and mentor working closely with women in business to create aligned, aesthetically pleasing brand identities that will attract their dream customers. #amazing 



What inspired you to start your own business? How long have you been running?

I used to own a freelance graphic design business – specialising in aaalll the things. When my eldest daughter came along, things got a bit hectic and I decided to concentrate more on being a Mum, so I scaled back. By the time my fourth daughter arrived, I couldn’t keep it up so I hibernated my much-loved business.

Two years later, I was burnt out, exhausted, chronically sleep deprived and wilted – something I’m sure all of you lovely mums can relate to! With a swift kick up the butt from someone dear to me, I realized I needed to start CREATING again. But I wanted it to be meaningful, not just general graphic design that didn’t light my soul on fire. I wanted it to be purposeful, incredibly rewarding and FUN. In fact, I was so lost I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a designer anymore!

One day soon after this, I had a moment of extreme clarity. Call it a God whisper or an a-ha moment – but I heard a voice say, “what is the one thing from your previous business that you LOVED?”. And that was it. Visual branding for women in business (and now so much more!). I’m currently in my third year of business and living my dream every day.


What inspires your work and what sets you apart from everyone else?

My beautiful clients inspire my work. My purpose is to help and guide these beautiful women to clarity and confidence in their brands, leading them through my exclusive process and then translating their brand personality through bespoke illustrations and custom brand identity. I feel so fulfilled and grateful to be part of their journey and genuinely put everything I can into their projects.


What products or services do you provide?

I am a brand stylist and mentor working closely with women in business to create aligned, aesthetically pleasing brand identities that will attract their dream customers. I have recently launched a branding course: Brand Alchemy. More to come – watch this space!


What has been your biggest success to date?

Creating a thriving business that supports my family, whilst also giving me the flexibility to be truly present in their lives is my greatest achievement. I pinch myself every day.


What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

I’m quite introverted. Particularly after being a stay at home mum for all of those years, initially I found it very challenging to put myself out there on social media (whether that was through my work, showing my face or video). But as soon as I started showing up despite my inhibitions, I started attracting my dream clients. Baby steps, every day.


What is the best piece of advice you would give someone considering starting their own business, or just starting out?

Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20. Stay in your lane. Compete only against yourself.


Tell us about your family. How many and how old are your kids?

I have four little girls and a fur-baby.


What are your biggest tips for balancing your business and motherhood?

My biggest tip is to stop yourself from viewing it as a balance or a juggle. Running a business around your family is more of an integration. Accept that sometimes you need to release expectations of yourself, and also your kids. If things are feeling overwhelming, ASK FOR HELP before they crumble down around you. You cannot physically do it all alone.


Tell us 3 random things about you.

• I grew up in Noosa, Queensland
• My favorite ice cream flavour is Tiramisu
• My favorite colour is baby pink


Get in touch with Rach for more info about how she can transform your visual brand!