Business Clarity and Goal Sessions with Director, Sally Harding.

With a firing passion to assist women who are striving for more.

Mentoring with Sally is a amazing way to gain clarity within your business, set goals for the future and set yourself on the path of growth and success, personally and professionally.

  •  Clarity Coaching for Growth & Business Direction
  •  Coaching for Start Up Businesses
  •  Goal Setting & Strategy
  •  Learn about Networking and Collaborations
  •  Social Media Planning & Strategy
  •  Time Management Structure

Sally is here to help you propel forward in your business.

Define what success means for YOU, your family and your business. Here to help you achieve your goals within your lifestyle and business.

We will discuss everything from goal setting, visions for the future, short and long term goals, time blocking/planning, social media strategy, outsourcing, management of your team and overcoming any blocks/barriers in your way.

Let me use my resources and contacts to help you go to the next level.

Book a 1:1 Mentoring Meeting with Sally
– Choose from 45 minutes, or 90 minutes. 

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“I can’t thank Sal enough for our one on one business mentoring session.  Discussing my business with someone who understands work/life balance with children I think was the most beneficial part. Because she really gets it! Sal helped me put my business ideas into perspective discussing options in an entirely confidential way, Our discussion certainly gave me clarity on my vision and the courage to take the steps moving forward into the next stage for my business.” – SIMONE


“My 1:1 with Sally exceeded all my expectations. So much about the marketing /Instagram world I didn’t know.
I’m so excited to have a plan and strategies to focus on. I have been blind posting and really no idea what I’m doing. In hindsight this has wasted a lot of my valuable family time. Sally mentioned so many things I hadn’t thought of and explained the importance of opening up a little more behind the scenes in to the life of me. We are in the same industry, we are mums and honestly we chatted, laughed and both felt great about Kara Pilates/Kara Online future. I have booked my follow up to stay on track and be accountable. Sally your a gun!” – KARA


“My 1:1 Business Mentoring session with Sally was amazing!! Being able to easily talk through the challenges that I face with my business and brainstorming ideas on what steps I can take to move forward was really motivating. I came out of the session invigorated, excited and enthused to really start moving my business forward and have a complete different mindset. Thank you so much Sal!!” – KATRINA